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    Ivan Shaw

    77 Monroe Center St NW, Suite 507
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    (616) 827-2326

    The lawyers of Shaw Law Group, an American Divorce Association for Men affiliated firm, fight for men in divorce. Attorney Ivan Shaw is the managing member Shaw Law Group, a men’s rights law firm serving West Michigan. Shaw Law Group is an affiliate of the American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM). Services offered include divorce,... [Read More]


    Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving

    19 South LaSalle Street, Suite 1500
    Chicago, Illinois


    Attorney Jeffery M. Leving is the country’s leading authority on fathers’ rights and has been named one of “America’s Best Lawyers” by Forbes Radio. Leving pioneered the Fathers’ Rights Movement more than 30 years ago when he discovered a gap in the judicial system. With a reputation for excellence and success, Leving has received recognition... [Read More]

  • Joseph M. Fletcher

    800 Ship St, Suite 109
    Saint Joseph, Michigan


    Representation with C.A.R.E. Compassion. Attention. Respect. Experience. Domestic Practice Concentration: Divorce Custody Parenting Time Child Support Spousal Support Domicile Changes Domestic Violence Defense (Criminal Defense) Prenuptial Agreement Litigation QDRO Preparation Trial Attorney... [Read More]


    Charles D. Jamieson

    1601 Forum Pl, Suite 1002
    West Palm Beach, Florida

    +1 561-478-0312

    Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney Charles Jamieson has led the efforts to protect parental and family rights for over 28 years. Mr. Jamieson has extensive experience with regard to family law services in general and in Florida family law and collaborative family law. His reputation and expertise make him stand out among the... [Read More]