5 Steps to Build Your Divorce Team

Divorce is painful, divorce is expensive, divorce is ugly. No one wants to go through it, but everyone faced with it needs to get through it. Sometimes the shock is so great you can’t think straight. You sit back and wait, hoping it will just go away. But it doesn’t.

Research shows that those who are pro-active in their divorce, come out the other side in better shape financially, mentally, and are able to move on more quickly. You need to get some control, own it, and make sure you have all the help you need to guide you through it.

The Guyvorce Ultimate Resource Directory is a collection of all of the services you may require before, during, and after your divorce. Join for free and start building your team today. We’ll show you how other divorcees build their teams, offer practical tips to save money during your divorce, and best of all, get you started on your journey through divorce. It’s ok, we’re all in the same boat, and we’re here to help. We’ve done this before, seen this before, and are in this right now with you. You are not alone. You can do this.


Talk to your soon-to-be ex

Talk to your ex. It’s that simple, and sometimes, that impossible. Do your best to have a conversation that will benefit both of you during your divorce. You don’t want to lose your home equity, or your entire savings trying to hurt one another. Make a pact that no matter what, you will put aside your differences to ensure that you both have something left at the end of this. If you approach it like you are doing this for both of you (because you are), you may be able to have a conversation. If this seems impossible, consider hiring a mediator to help you through this process.


Get a handle on what things are going to cost.

Getting a handle on what this will cost upfront will help you to understand what you really need, and realize where you can save some money. You don’t have to lose your shirt. Your biggest cost will probably be  your divorce lawyer. Don’t skimp on this one, it’s important that you get good representation.


How many team players do you need?

Depending on your situation, you will probably not need all of the services in our Guyvorce Ultimate Resource Directory, but you will definitely benefit from a few. Do you need a private investigator? Are there children involved? Is the divorce contentious? Are you concerned about getting to spend time with your kids? Are you looking for a neighbourhood that reflects your new status as a divorcee? Do you need to move close to your ex for your children or far away to start fresh? Think about what you really need help with.


Build Your Team

Now that you know what kind of help you are going to need, it’s time to take action. Do you need a divorce attorney, or do you need a fathers’ rights attorney? Would it help you to talk to a therapist? Make a list of what you are looking for from each of your team members, and reach out to them to ask them what they can offer. You might be surprised that they offer things you weren’t even thinking of, and yet, really could use.


Listen to Your Team

You’ve done your homework, and selected the best team based on your needs and budget. Now it’s time to let them do their magic. Listen to them. They know what they are doing and they know how to get it done. Ask them what information you can prepare in advance for them, and gather all of your information. Collecting as much information and organizing it for them will save you endless amounts of time and a lot of money.